Harz mountains

The Harz is the northernmost mountain area in Germany and offers an impressive setting each season. Be it for skiing (alpine and cross country), sledding and hiking, swimming, canoeing or a visit to a museum or concert.

Whether you are looking for rest, culture, history, relaxation or a challenge, you will find in the Harz. Forests interrupted only by lakes and lush mountain meadows, with typical mid-mountain flora and in the higher areas alpine plants.

Worldheritage like the city of Goslar or the Oberharz Waterworks are also easily accessible within minutes.

Harz National Park
Experience the mystic mountain wilderness. Forests, bogs and streams. Enjoy the unique and diverse mountain wilderness in one of the largest national parks in Germany. More Info on www.nationalpark-harz.de

The Harz nature parks
The Association of German Nature Parks (VDN) describes nature park as a “large-scale landscapes of special nature and beauty. ” Who would deny that the Harz meets this description to the highest degree? The landscape diversity of Germany’s most northern mountain area is immense: the Brocken plateau (1143m) with its alpine climate, the hills, deep forests and agricultural open land. Deep valleys, wild rivers alternate with peaceful mountain meadows, unspoilt natural areas adjacent to evidence of a 1000-year cultural landscape. Among the historical features of the cultural area the Harz includes the dissection during 40 years of the German state.
The Harz Nature Park in Lower Saxony was founded in 1960. The Harz Nature Park in Saxony-Anhalt exists since 2003. More Info on www.harzregion.de

The Harz not only offers nature, but also culture and history. No fewer than 6 world heritage sites are located in the Harz. All very beautiful daytrips!

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